Surfn UI v3.1.0c

Huxtable Consulting is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1.0c of the Surfn user interface. This is a mid-cycle release with many new features for SurfnOnline:

  1. Added numeric and date computation capabilities for case variables
  2. Added numeric and date formatting for case variables
  3. Added drag-and-drop parameter ordering
  4. Added syntax highlighting when editing case files
  5. Expanded log viewer display width and trimmed shared folder display paths
  6. Added Surfn version number to portal and application screens
  7. Additional bug fixes

Surfn 3.1.0c is a partial release of the full 3.1.0 UI update planned for 4Q 2023. The early availability of these features will help improve model upkeep and reduce the potential for error.

Version 3.1.0c is now available to all SurfnOnline users.