SurfnOnline is the combination of the NUFMAP suite of nuclear fuel forecasting and accounting tools, and the SURF'N work control interface:

  • Provide Flexible Controlled Worldwide Access to support a diverse set of user needs that are dispersed
  • Provide Rapid Response to support fuel cycle management decisions and need for updated fuel information
  • Ensure Security of Sensitive Information (no data or results need to reside on user workstation); all interactions with the system are encrypted
  • Require Minimum IT support by User’s organization
  • Works on any workstation (desktop, laptop, tablet) through any modern internet browser
  • Collaborative environment for workgroups
  • Access to the latest codes and tools

Huxtable Consulting is the exclusive distributor for SurfnOnline.  For more information on how SurfnOnline can help manage your nuclear fuel cycle, download the presentation:


  1. NUFMAP is a servicemark of HTH Associates, Inc.
  2. SURF'N and SurfnOnline are owned by HTH Associates, Inc.